Managing Change Requests

From the Change Management menu you can view and access all Change Requests on projects the team member has been assigned to.

Create New Change Request

Select the New Request button to create a new Change Request. The following information is required for a new Change Request:

  • Customer
  • Project
  • Requested By
  • Short and Long Descriptions
  • Implementation Assignment Group
  • Impact
  • Urgency
  • Justification
  • Implementation Plan
  • Risk and Impact Analysis
  • Backout Plan
  • Test Plan
  • Planned Start and End Date

You can save the Change Request as a Draft and complete it later. When ready, selecting Submit will submit the change to the Change Review Board assignment group for action.

Managing a Change Request

Once a Change Request has been created, all of the information relating to this change request is available on the Change Request detail page. From this page you can review:

  • Status
  • Change Details
  • Work Notes
  • Planning information
  • Schedule
  • Documents
  • Audit Log
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