Managing Assets

By selecting the Asset Management menu, you can create new assets and manage the existing inventory of assets for a customer.

Creating New Assets

Select the Create Asset button to create a new asset. You must provide the following:

  • Customer
  • Depot Facility
  • Asset Category
  • Asset Name
  • Purchase Date

After completing the form, select Create Asset. You will be directed to the Asset detail page to further manage this asset.

Managing an Asset

All of the information about an asset is displayed on the Asset Detail page. From this detail page you can review and update the following information:

  • Asset Information
  • Financial Information
  • Assignments: review the history of assignments for this asset
  • Notes
  • Tickets: review the history of tickets related to this asset

Asset Status

Each asset has a current Status, which can change over the lifecycle of an asset. The available status settings are:

  • In Stock
    • The asset is currently not assigned to an individual and is available in inventory.
  • Assigned
    • The asset is currently assigned to an individual.
  • Retired
    • The asset has been permanently removed from inventory and is no longer available.
  • Lost
    • The asset has been misplaced and is retired/removed from inventory.
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