Organizational Governance is a broad term used to define the set of rules, practices, policies and procedures by which an organization is directed and run. You put in place these rules to help your organization achieve its goals.

Startly was designed to allow your organization’s governance rules be implemented, enforced and monitored. Our solution is designed to help service organizations get up and running on our platform quickly, while also providing the tools needed to layer in your organization’s policies and procedures to establish the governance and controls you need. Our governance features are organized around four key components::

  • Financial Controls
  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Invoicing and Finance

NOTE:  You should consider defining your organization’s policies and procedures when setting up your Startly account to ensure those policies are enforced at all times.

The help articles in this section describe the available governance controls available to you, and how to implement them. For your benefit, here is a summary of the specific Startly features that you may implement to apply your governance “rules”.

Financial Schedule Management

Startly allows you to create an accounting period schedule that aligns with your organization’s financial calendar, and manage your Startly information in accordance with that calendar. You can define a fiscal year, and define the accounting periods within that fiscal year. Once created, you can set the status of each accounting period (from a future Pending state, to Open, then subsequently to a Restricted state for Administrators to manage, then ultimately to Closed.

Contract Compliance Management

Startly allows you to configure and manage your contract terms–from simple contracts to your most complicated contracts. Design your contract deliverable terms, pricing models, bill rates, expense terms, and invoicing terms and schedule.

Expense Policy Management

Define and enforce your expense reimbursement policy, including approval thresholds, receipt thresholds. You can specify your organization’s expense policies, as well as define your customer’s expense policies for customer reimbursable expenses.

Time and Expense Management

For tracking time and expenses within your organization, you can define your policies relating to approval processes, delivery locations, and comments. These rules can be defined at the project level.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Compliance

Do you have projects that have a contractual service level requirement? Startly helps you manage your SLA compliance with monitoring, alerts, and insightful reporting.

Organizational Structure Management

By defining your organization’s reporting structure, you can assign Team Members and Projects by Business Unit, and see profitability and utilization insights by Business Unit.

Resource Management

Manage your Team Members with a robust resource management engine–manage timesheets, expenses, approvals, and utilization for your valued Team Members.


If you deliver projects for your customers, Startly has a robust invoicing engine that allows you to define your invoicing terms and invoicing schedule, and manages the invoicing process for each project — from alerting you when invoicing milestones have been achieved, to drafting, approving, issuing/sending your invoice, ultimately concluding with payment.

Multi-currency Conversions

Manage your projects and Team Members across a multi-currency world. With our ability to perform currency conversions, You can manage Team Members and projects across multiple currencies.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Startly allows you to manage a project’s progress with a robust budgeting and forecasting module. Gain insights on a project’s progress vs. the original budget and against the latest forecast, and use the forecasting capability to estimate project progress.

Reporting and Visibility

Startly provides valuable insights with our dashboards and reporting capabilities. Manage project progress, SLA compliance, project profitability, resource utilization, and approval progress, all with the ability to export your data to any Microsoft Office 365 application for further analysis.

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