Project Details

Selecting a project from the Project List screen takes you to the Project detail screen. The Project detail screen contains a series of cards that organizes and presents all of the key information for a single project. This screen contains the following cards:

  • Project Details
    • Information about this project.
  • Team Member Assignments
    • A list of Team Members assigned to the project who are able to submit time and expenses against the project.
  • Tasks
    • A list of Tasks associated with the project, which can be used for simple project management. Adding tasks to a project impacts all timesheet entries, in that if you have tasks you must submit your timesheet entry at the task level and cannot submit time against the project only.
  • Documents
    • List of key documents for this project–this can be contracts, requirements agreements, SLAs, etc.
  • Service Management Settings
    • If you have created a Project that takes advantage of our service management features, you can configure those service management features here.

Project Details Card

The Project Details card provides summary information about the project for you to manage (mostly the attributes from the Create Project step). Key attributes of this card include:

  • Customer Name
  • Project Name
  • Account Manager
  • Start and End Date
  • Pricing Model
  • Total Service Fee
  • Project Settings
Project Details card

There are a number of important settings on this card that drive the access and authority in other parts of the application. These include:

  • Project Approver
    • Has authority to approve (or reject) timesheet and expenses submitted against this project.
  • Allow Project Approver to view financial details
    • Determines if Project Approver can see financial information, such as Total Project Fees, Pricing Model, as well as Bill Rate and Cost Rate for assigned Team Members on the project.
  • Timesheet Approval Required
    • If required, the Project Approver is required to review and approve all submitted timesheets and expenses. If not required, the Project Approver has the ability to review and reject time and expenses, but is not required. In this case, the timesheets and expenses are assumed to be approved (unless rejected) and will be automatically approved when the corresponding accounting period is closed.

Documents Card

Within the Project Details screen, the Documents card allows you to retain all important documents related to this Project. Maintaining and associating your documents for each Project allows your team to better manage their service delivery obligations by presenting all related information in one place. You can designate a Document Type for each document you store within this customer-level document library.

Document Types include:

  • Contracts
  • Other
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