About our Sample Data

When you sign up for a trial use of Startly, we load your account with some sample data to make it easier to evaluate our solutions. This sample data includes:

  • Default Account Settings
  • Customers
  • Team Members
  • Projects
    • Submitted and approved Timesheets
    • Expenses
    • Tickets (both Incidents and Service Requests)
    • Asset Management activity
    • Change Management requests

Converting to a Purchased License of Startly

When you decide to convert over and purchase a Startly license for your organization, we will remove all of this sample data (while preserving your data). Please be aware of the steps we take to clean out our sample data from your account:

  1. We remove all of our Customers and all activity related to those Customers–including:
    • Projects
    • End Users
    • Documents
    • Customer Service Management

  2. SettingsRemoving all Projects for those Customers also means we remove all Timesheets, Expenses, Tickets, Asset Management activity, and Change Management Requests.
  3. We remove all of our Team Members and their related information, including:
    • All Timesheet entries
    • All Expenses

  4. We preserve your Customers, Team Members, Projects, and all Account-level Settings. We also preserve all of your Project-related transactions, including Timesheets, Expenses, Tickets, Asset Management activity, and Change Management Requests.

  5. Your Account-level Settings and Finance Settings are preserved.

  6. You would be unwise to rename any of our Customer or Team Members in an attempt to repurpose those to your own Customers or Team Members. We store and use an internal ID to track those Customers and Team Members, and do not rely on their name to remove them from your account.

Sample Projects Explained

We’ve included 5 sample Projects within your Trial Version to allow you to experience all of the rich features of Startly.

Sample Projects List

Software Development Project:

A traditional IT software build project for your customer Global Group, Inc.. This project is scheduled to last 9 months, has 5 Team members assigned to the project, and requires each Team Member to submit weekly Timesheets and submit their billable Expenses. The project is managed by Evan Sanchez, and he is responsible for approving weekly timesheets and expenses for the project. The project is contracted with a Fixed Fee pricing model–so the Assigned Team Members do not have an associated “Bill Rate”. The project has the Timesheet and Expense module in use.

Field Salesforce Support:

A support contract for Castle, Inc., whereby your organization is providing helpdesk support and asset management services for this client’s remote sales organization of 500 sales representatives, who are deployed nationwide. The project is contracted as a Flat Fee (recurring monthly fee), with additional fees for special Service Requests, as needed. The project has enabled the Ticketing and Asset Management modules.

Corporate Website Implementation and Support:

write the paragraph about this project…

Project Analyst Staffing Asssignment:

write the paragraph about this project…

Corporate Helpdesk Support:

write the paragraph about this project…

Using the Impersonate Feature

Our solution has an Impersonate function that allows an Administrator to assume the authority of another Team Member. Although this feature is meant for Administrators to manage their production instance of their account, it is also a useful tool for evaluating our solution with our sample data: you can impersonate any of our sample Team Members and see the solution from their perspective!

Sample Customer and Team Member Screens

Below are screenshots of the Customers and Team Members Lists that were included in your Trial Version of Startly.

Sample Customers List
Customer List with Sample Data.
Sample Team Members List
Team Members List with Sample Data.
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