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Get Started: Asset Management

To use Startly for Asset Management make sure to answer the following questions.

What types of Assets will be managed?

Defining Asset Categories will assist in grouping similar assets by type to better manage inventory. Label the categories then select the type of asset; Standard, Consumable or Licensed. Create Global and Customer specific categories for Assets. Create Asset Categories

What Asset Models will be managed?

Defining Asset Models will help to better manage inventory. Models will be selectable Create Global and Customer specific models for Assets. Create Asset Models

Where are Assets stored and managed?

As a service organization, you may have multiple physical locations or facilities providing Asset Management services. Depot Facilities can be defined and referenced for asset management activities throughout Startly. Create Depot Facilities

Who is managing these Assets?

Some service organizations provide service management support for their customers that includes support for other third-party applications and solutions. These third party Vendors can be defined and referenced on tickets for workflow routing and reporting. Create Vendors

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