Get Started: Ticketing

To use Startly for Ticketing make sure to answer the following questions.

Who will be working the tickets?

Required to use Ticketing with Startly.
Make sure to create Assignment Groups and define Team Members who will be responsible for working on Incidents and Service Requests. Assignment Groups can be created as Global Assignment Groups who are able to be assigned across all Customers with a Ticketing Project. For Assignment Groups that are dedicated to a specific Customer, create a Customer Assignment Group. Create Assignment Groups

Who can report Incidents and make Service Requests?

Required to use Ticketing with Startly.
Customers with Ticketing Projects will require End Users to be added. End Users can be added on the Customer details page. While using the Ticketing and Asset Management features of Startly, the End Users list represents the persons at the customer who are being supported. For example, the person (End User) who calls a help desk requiring support (and therefore a Ticket has been created in their name), or the person (End User) who has a Service Request issued on their behalf to have new hardware shipped to them via the Asset Management module. Add End Users

What types of tickets are you expecting?

Help identify frequent areas of issue and problems with Ticketing Categories. Create and manage Ticketing Categories to define common ticket types and be able to select them when creating a ticket for reporting purposes. Ticketing Categories can be broad topics such as “Hardware”, you can then create sub-categories such as “Monitor, Keyboard, Docking Station” these sub-category items are then selected on the Ticket Details page. Create Ticketing Categories

Would you like to define an Email Address for Customers to initiate a Ticket?

If you have a Project that is using the Ticketing feature and want your customer community to be able to email you to initiate a ticket, you can use Startly’s Email Connector feature to associate a customer’s support email address with a Project to enable inbound email traffic to your Ticketing environment. For example, your Customer’s End Users can send an email to [email protected] and this email will be routed to Startly and arrive as a new Ticket for a defined project for your customer Global Group, Inc. Create Email Connector

Is there any additional information you may require on a Ticket?

Startly provides 2 Custom Lists for Ticketing, that can be selected on Tickets to further assist with reporting and allow additional customization for users of Startly. Create Custom Lists

How are Incidents and Service Requests coming into your Service Desk?

Startly has 3 default Global Contact Sources: Walk-in, Email and Call. If your help desk needs additional Contact Sources to select from, they can be added to the Global Contact Sources, for all customers to select from. If a Customer requires unique sources, those too can be added to the Customer specifically. Create Contact Sources

Do your Assignment Groups handle common Service Requests?

To assist in expediting service requests, create Service Catalogs. Service Catalogs are a grouping of items that can be selected by a support desk to help resolve a Service Request. Service Catalog Items can be individual assets or a grouping of assets with a unit price to help track costs. Service Catalogs and their items are defined at the Customer level and will be available on all Ticketing Projects for that Customer. Create Service Catalogs

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