Ticket List

Managing tickets is available to all Team Members who are assigned to a ticketing-enabled project, as well as all Team Members in an Assignment Group who are affiliated with the project.

The Ticketing menu provides access to the Ticketing List for a Team Member. By default, the Ticket list displays all open tickets for all projects that the Team Member is assigned too.

Ticketing list in List View

From this Ticket List screen, a Team Member can:

  • Create a new ticket by selecting the New Ticket button in the upper right corner
  • Select a row in the list to open an existing ticket
  • Use the Display drop down feature to filter to a defined ticket list. You can also customize the Display list with your own filters
  • Search for a ticket by searching one of several fields
  • Change from List View (displayed above) to Tile View by toggling the purple buttons
Ticket list in Tile View

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