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Setting up a Ticketing Project

It’s relatively simple to configure a project to include Ticketing features. Once set up, your Team Members will be able to immediately use the Ticketing system features for this project. To create and manage a project with Ticketing:

  1. Create a project with the Ticketing feature enabled (checked On). At any time, you can also edit an existing project and enable this feature.

  2. Once the new project is created, you will arrive at the Project details screen.

  3. To complete the Ticketing setup of this project you should review and configure the following settings:
    • Assignment Groups
      • Which groups of Team Members can create and manage tickets for this project.
    • Ticketing Categories
      • Define the list of ticket categories for organizing and reporting ticket patterns.
    • Custom Lists
      • You may find the need to further define ticketing types and categories, and are provided up to 2 additional lists to track your tickets.
    • Contact Sources
      • Will be the combination of your global Contact Sources and any additional custom Contact Sources you have defined at the customer level.
    • Service Catalogs
      • Inherited from the customer’s Service Catalog list.

  4. The last card on the project detail screen is the Service Management Settings card. You can manage your Ticketing configuration for this project from this card. A project’s Service Management Settings are inherited either from your Global Service Management Settings or from the related customer’s Service Management Settings. These settings can include:
    • Assignment Groups
      • Select the assignment group or groups who can create and respond to tickets for this project
    • Ticketing Categories
      • Define the list of categories and sub-categories that each ticket can be associated with. Using this categorization feature provides valuable insight into the types and frequency of your tickets.
    • Custom Lists
      • Define additional entries to categorize your ticket types.

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