Service Catalogs

Tickets generated for a project can be one of 3 types: Incidents, Service Requests or Problems. Where an Incident is used when addressing a problem for the caller, and Problems are used for customer issues, a Service Request is used to complete an action or task for the caller.

You may have some customers that wants their support desk to address a defined set of tasks for service request. Startly has included the ability for a project to define a list (or menu) of service request types–we call this a Service Catalog. You can even establish a unit price for each Service Request item.

Service Catalogs are defined at the customer level, and are available to all projects for the customer.

NOTE:  Only an Administrator can define a Service Catalog for a customer.

To define a Service Request Catalog:

  1. Select a customer from the Customer List screen.
  2. Go to the Service Management Settings card.
  3. Select the Service Catalogs button.
  4. Add one or more Service Catalog items for this catalog.
New Catalog Item form

After defining a Service Catalog (with Catalog items) for this customer, you can now choose catalog items for all new service request.

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